Cord Healing

In Indian spiritual prayers there is a Sanskrit word called “Bhav bandhan” (earthly cords). When we look at the meaning of this term, we can find two words: “Bhav” and “Bandhan”. Bhav means “which constrains around the life and death Cycle”. Bhandhan means “which binds” (i.e. cord). So the Cords that binds the life with the material world are called as Bhav Bandhans.

Cords – just like ropes, chains etc. can be removed easily; but if we leave them, they remain on the physical body even after death. Earthly cords that are formed due to unfulfilled desires will be carried forward through a series of lives. These cords can be healed only by concentration and self control. As it is difficult to a swimmer to swim further when he is tied with ropes, in a similar evolutionary manner a spiritual aspirant cannot overcome the obstacles in his spiritual path unless these Earthly cords are healed. It is a known fact that swimming along the flow is easier than swimming against the flow. By following certain yogic practices, one can swim along with the flow to reach his/her destination instead of swimming against the flow to reach the goal.

The Energy Body plays an important role in the development of physical and mental health. The Chakras of the Energy Body may become imbalanced due to negative cords and can be balanced by healing these cords. If these Chakras are in balance, bad particles are expelled from the Energy Body. Thus the physical and mental health of a person can be improved. With formation of positive cords, the Chakras are filled with consciousness and resistance power to diseases. Positive cords further increase and improve the qualities of the specific Chakra. For example the Heart Chakra is the main station for higher feelings like universal love, kindness and mercy and the Crown Chakra is responsible for feelings like oneness, devotedness and to get in to a higher state from human.

By removing negative cords and forming positive cords with above mentioned qualities, one can acquire the higher consciousness quickly. For the improvement of mental, physical and spiritual development, we can heal negative cords and form positive cords in order to get better results. Uses Generally cords occur in between Chakras. The cord which allows the flow of negative energy is called a negative cord and the cord which allows the flow of positive energy is a positive cord. Higher emotions like peace, tranquillity, love, kindness and splendid nature develop positive cords. These positive cords enhance the Energy Body, the qualities of the Chakras and also the Soul Energy while the negative cords decreases above good qualities.

By removing negative cords and by forming positive cords, the healer can solve physical and mental problems. Behavioural patterns of the individual can be altered. Bad habits can be rectified, rightful wishes can be fulfilled, qualities like sincerity or interest towards education in students can be developed.

To show the importance of thought and how to overcome bad thoughts. This course gives an idea about how a negative thought disturbs physical and psychological states. It also describes how a positive thought gives the support to develop physically, mentally and spiritually. It is better to stop the formation of negative cords than healing. It can be done by controlling of temptations.


  • 5 Bodies or Pancha kosas
  • Chakras and their significance
  • Energy evolution from cosmic to micro cosmic
  • Methods to remove negative cords and to form positive cords
  • Flower Meditation
  • Heart Soul Meditation


Course Agenda:
Day 1:
The complete human being
Effect of mind on body and mechanism
Eye scanning
Energy evolution levels
Introduction to cords
Types of cords
Heart soul meditation

Day 2:
Effect of cords on Chakras
Healing and positive cord formation
Law of karma
Introduction to other classes
Flower meditation
Questions & Answers

No specific requirements, but previous knowledge about Chakras and Energy Body may be helpful.

250 NZD p.p., inlcuding study materials, Chakra Chart, Cord-Healing-1 Booklet and Heart Soul Meditation CD.

Only one class available in 2006: For Dates (September) and further information call 09 372 9357