The World Angel Healing Foundation

Objective & Approach:

Motto: "To develop real spiritual truth and service."

Scientific Approach:

  1. Generally: Spirituality in scientific view
  2. Preparation of holistic remedies
  3. Research of subtle fields with modern devices


Activities & Services:

  • A. Spiritual
  • B. Social Services
  • C. Health Services
  • D. Arts & Education
  • E. Environmental Services


A. Spiritual Activities:

  • - For Universal Peace: HOMA. (twice a month)
  • - Free Healing
  • - Classes & Teachings

B. Social Services:

  • - Poor feeding
  • - Providing clothes for orphans
  • - Animal feeding
  • - Old age homes*
  • - Home for orphans*


C. Health Services:

  • - Hospital* & medicines (Homeopathy, Ayurvedic...)
  • - Health camps*
  • - Holistic remedies

D. Arts & Education:

  • - Scholarships*
  • - Paintings
  • - Stitching*


E. Environmental Services:

  • - Green Guard Society: To decrease pollution by
  • developing greenery.
  • * = in preparation.

- Introduction about Classes -

This whole physical world has so many frequencies like magnetic, electro magnetic, bio magnetic, astral impulses and micro cosmic energies. While bio magnetic waves have an impact on the human health, astral impulses regulate the mind and micro cosmic energy is related to conscious. Establishing harmony in bio magnetic waves by clearing imbalances called healing in cosmic level. We can affect astral impulses by doing Cord Healing. Angel Healing techniques on the other hand are related with micro cosmic level. Generally people suffer from physical and psychological problems. The major reason for these problems is the lack of coordination between mind and body. Healing means restoring the coordination between the mind and the body through different energy levels like cosmic, astral and micro cosmic energy levels.

Classes offered:


For more classes, questions or more information please inquire. Any income from classes proceeds to Charity.

Contact Details for all inquiries about the classes in New Zealand:
c/o Light-Office NZ Ltd.
PO Box 524
Waiheke Island
Phone: 09 372 9357