Vibrant Celestial Meditation

Organization: World Spiritual Foundation.
Founder: Sri Bhai Sahib Ji Kirpal Singh Ji Gill.
Type of meditation: Divinely Inspired Spontaneous Freeflow.

Brief Description: Our Spiritual Practice is a free flowing experience instigated and guided by the Divine within. All of the world’s scriptures describe humanities primary purpose as to undertake Worship or Meditation. We do this by a Simple, Natural, Effortless practice of deep Surrender to the Divine Within. Once this is attained a Grace wells up from within felt through the senses as a spontaneous experience of deep relaxation and well being. Over time the recipient receives a greater awareness and clarity of all things. This is a short meditation that requires only minutes to half an hour maximum and can be carried out instantly, anywhere, anytime.

Regular Activities: One Day Seminars. Weekly Group Meditation.

Meditation Centre in Auckland: A rotation of member’s houses.

Jan Vroegop email or phone 09 5702154 or 021 1382398
Dr Kanwal Jit Singh, Ph (09) 535 9574, email