Transmission Meditation

Transmission meditation is a specialised form of group meditation in which the members act as positive, poised, mental channels through which the spiritual energies sent by the Masters can be stepped down and made more useable – the very energy that is transforming our world. According to British esotericist, futurist and author Benjamin Creme, Transmission is the most important work that groups can easily be doing today.

No special expertise or training is required. All that is required is a sincere desire to serve the world and the commitment to meet regularly at the same time and place.

Groups begin by sounding a mantram called The Great Invocation, which invokes the attention and energies of the Masters. The focus is kept on the Ajna Centre between the eyebrows, thus creating an alignment between the physical brain and the soul. When the attention wanders from this point, simply think the mantram ‘Om’ to bring the attention back.

Transmission meditation is safe, scientific, and does not interfere with any religious or spiritual practice. In fact it will enhance your personal meditation and any other spiritual activities in which you may be engaged.

There is no more potent service that you can give so easily, with such little expenditure of effort, to the world. Nor will you find a technique of personal growth so transformative, so far-reaching, for such little effort.

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Centres around Aotearoa

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Group meets Wednesday 8.30am, contact Val on (03) 304 8646


Birkenhead group meets Tuesday and Thursday 7pm, contact Geoff on (09) 444-1429 Epsom group meets Sunday at 6 pm, contact Megan on (09) 483 4211
Mt Roskill group meets Tuesday and Thursday 7pm, contact Michael on (09) 620 0415
Hibiscus Coast group meets Monday 7pm, contact Heather (09) 424-0407
Howick group meets Thursdays 7pm, contact Gordon ph (09) 537 5446


Avondale group meditation Mon 7.15- 9.15pm, contact Vickie: (03) 980 9389
South Brighton group meets Thursday 8.30- 10.15am contact Vickie: (03) 980 9389


Group meets Tuesdays 1.30pm, contact Suzanne on (09) 407-7753


Group meditation Thursdays 7.30pm, contact Bronwyn (07) 855 7446


Group meets Thursdays, contact Caroline & Peter on (03) 545-1435


Group meditation on Monday 1.15 pm, Wednesday 6.45pm, contact Kay on (03) 434-8717

Palmerston North

Group meditation Tuesday & Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, contact Jackie 027 2339449


Group meditation Tues 1.30pm, contact Jan: (07) 578 6348


Group meditation on Monday 7.30-9pm, Wednesday 9-10.30am, contact Rachel on (03) 686 6488


Newtown group meets Sunday & Thursday 7- 9.30pm , contact Sophia on 027 211 0156
Otaki group meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.30 - 7.30pm, contact David & Teresa on (06) 364-6101
Paraparaumu group meets Monday 6-7pm, contact Jen 027 610 4981


Group meditation Tuesdays 7.30pm, contact Lynette 027 268 6330


Group meets Tuesday 7.30pm, contact Barbara (09) 432 8416