Shraddha – Yoga and Meditation

Founder: Sannyasi Samadhimurti
Description of meditation: Meditation for those with and without experience
Type of Meditation: Various techniques

Regular Meditation classes available in Hamilton:
Tuesday 5:30 – 6:30 pm Surya Namaskara & Meditation
Wednesday 12.10 – 12.55 pm Yoga Nidra & Meditation
Thursday 11.10 am – 12.10 pm Studygroup & Meditation

Private sessions available.

Contact Details: Ph: (07) 858 3445

Description: Shraddha – Yoga and Meditation was established in 2008 as Shraddha – Yogic Lifestyle Education Trust. It is registered with the Charities Commission and holds donee organisation status with IRD. Our style is Satyananda Yoga and we teach a range of yoga, meditation and relaxation classes at a variety of venues throughout Hamilton.

Samadhimurti is accredited with the SATYANANDA YOGA® Academy Australia (no.14293).
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