Founded: 1994

Founder: Dellaina Andrew

The meditation that I teach is a unique style that I have developed over the years from various cultures and countries. The meditation practice incorporates deep breathing, visualisation, colour and sound.

Sometimes we use passive methods which gives the practitioner a calm and focused mind and body. At other times we use active meditation where a seed thought is put in to the mind and prodded and turned over. This is useful when we are interpreting dreams and symbols that we are noticing in our daily lives and need some clarity on. Other times we use mantras and mandalas and this involves Sanskrit words and symbols. Other times the mandalas are the mediation where we use colour as part of the meditation. The colours have a meaning and are interpreted from the ancient Indian, seven Chakra system.

Most of the courses are held at The Rainbow Bridge and The Hatha Yoga Centre, 42 Nayland Street, Sumner, Christchurch.

Regular Activities: Weekly and monthly channelling/meditation evenings, regular workshops, seasonal retreats in and around Canterbury.

For more information and upcoming events see , email or call 03 326 6178.

Further Material (available at Christchurch City Libraries):
Video: The Color Of Healing – Color Therapy (Vision Quest Home Media) Catalogue: 615.831 COL;
Video: Speaking To The Subconscious – Hypnotherapy (Vision Quest Home Media) Catalogue: 615.851 HYP