Arka Dhyana :Intuitive Meditation

Intuitive Meditation takes you on a journey into your inner-self, leading you to understand yourself deeply through your intuitive feelings, discover your true nature, your uniqueness, and your inner seed of potential which reveals how capable you are of making a positive contribution to the world.

Arka Dhyana, Intuitive Meditation (IM) is practised by combining three key components:

·       Slow conscious breathing.

·       Singing and humming the sound SAA-ROO-GO-VAUM.

·       A series of conscious, gentle touches at nineteen key points of the body.

The whole sequence of breath, sound and touch unifies body, mind and spirit into an experience of oneness, in preparation for the graceful descent to those inner realms which complement the physical, mental and emotional sides of our existence.

Intuitive Meditation is a heart-level meditation method developed by Srinivas Arka, a philosophical author, speaker and developer of human positive potential programmes. It has helped thousands of people around the world to accomplish their goals and objectives.

Some of the positive benefits of Intuitive Meditation

     .   Management of Stress 

·       Increase in Self-Awareness 

·       Broadening of our understanding 

·       Helps us relax effectively 

·       Complements our mental and emotional well-being 

·       Has positive influence on physical health 

·       Personal growth and self-development 

·       Discovery of our potential and purpose 

·       Gaining more energy, wisdom and direction

·       Enhances positive attitude 

·       Better understanding of the philosophy of mind, body and consciousness

 “Dwelling in your mind alone will not help you progress much. You have to involve your heart in your thoughts, words and deeds.” 

Srinivas Arka


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