Meditation in Daily Life

"Meditation in Daily Life" Courses:
Meditation is a natural ability of the human mind. Meditation practices are 'tools' for training the mind, enabling us to expand awareness, to experience deeper states of wisdom, peace and harmony, to connect with the spiritual dimension of Being, and to meet the variety of challenges in our daily lives more skillfully, intuitively and creatively.

The emphasis of these courses is on experiential learning, and on promoting and increasing ease and well-being in daily life, using 'tools' and techniques that are natural, practical, and effective. The orientation is non-denominational.

Meditative Yoga:
This style of Hatha yoga is gentle, enjoyable, and refreshing. It is designed to release stress, to expand awareness, and to promote, vitality, flexibility and relaxation. It is ideal for mature figures, fuller figures, and beginners.

Postures are adapted to suit individual ability, encouraging body and mind to unite in sensitive, responsive partnership. Each session includes breathing and meditation exercises.

Regular activities:
Morning and evening classes held at various venues in Christchurch

For more info contact:
Pauline on phone: 980 8760; or email

Relevant Books at Christchurch City Libraries:
"Growth and Unfolding",
"Breathing - the Natural way to Meditate" by Tarchin Hearn,
"Meditation for Dummies" by Stephen Bodian,
"Living With the Devil" by Stephen Batchelor
"Buddhism Is Not What You Think - Finding Freedom Beyond Belief" by Steve Hagen;
"Buddhist Practice on Western Ground (Reconciling Eastern Ideals and Western Psychology)" by Harvey B. Aronson;
"Practicing The Power Of Now" by Eckhart Tolle;
"One Taste - The Journals of Ken Wilber" by Ken Wilber

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