Maitreya Meditation Centre

Based on the teaching of Maitreya Ishwara, the meditation centre is open all year round with a daily meditation programme. Maitreya Ishwara is a visionary author and spiritual teacher who has shared Satsang (being in truth) with seekers all over the world. Satsang with Maitreya is a uniquely transformative blend of advaita based teaching, high energy and silent sitting. Questions are answered with incicisive intelligence, humour and love.

Meditation Programme

We meet for satsang twice a day in the morning and evening and have a flexible programme of active Osho Meditations and other group sessions. We also cater for silent personal retreats. The Meditation Centre is set in the idyllic Wakamarina Valley, near the Marlborough sounds . With 15 acres of beautiful land, native bush and private river with crystal clear swimming holes. Meals are delicious gourmet, organic vegan wholefoods,supporting a gentle natural detox.

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