The Bright Path NZ


The Bright Path teaches extremely powerful but simple and gentle meditation techniques that dissolve stress and have you feeling healthier, happier and more content in your life. The Bright Path meditation is known as Ascension, as taught by the Ishayas of the Bright Path. It comes from an ancient, effortless teaching of truth; a series of mechanical techniques to free you from the limitations of the mind.

The effortless techniques we teach are not mantras or breathing exercises. They are known as Ascension Attitudes and are based on Praise, Gratitude and Love. When practiced regularly, they begin to dissolve a lifetime's habit of judgment and negativity. We begin to experience the true self. Best of all, no belief is required! It is a flawless science of self discovery and a joyous journey inward, echoing a new joy in our outer life.

This path is available to all who want the experience of inner peace and of living life in the joy of the present moment. Ascension is completely experiential. This is about you, and your exploration of the Truth that exists within you.

How do I Learn? These techniques are taught by qualified teachers, usually over a weekend. Occasionally mid week courses are offered. Visit The Bright Path NZwebsite for a course in your area. If there isn’t one planned just now, please talk to us – we can run courses from Kaitaia to Invercargill.



Phone: +64 9 528-8315 Auckland, New Zealand.
Postal Address: The Bright Path NZ Ltd,   PO BOX 25673, St Heliers, Auckland 1074

Regular Events:  Courses are held throughout New Zealand and teachers are based in North and South Island. Regular follow up meetings are offered around New Zealand.

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