Christchurch Heartlight Healing Schedule

Heartlight Healing: at 'Avice Hill' 395 Memorial Ave

Meeting schedule 2007

Sunday 27 May Asala Festival of Goodwill 7.15pm
Asala is a special 'inner festival' where the Christ sends forth his all encompassing love and goodwill offering hope and sense of peace to all.

Sunday 24 June Heartlight Healing 7.15pm
Sunday 22 Jul Heartlight Healing 7.15pm
Sunday 26 Aug Heartlight Healing 7.15pm
Sunday 23 Sep Archangel Michael Festival 7.15pm
The great angelic beings 'Archangels' cleanse, purify and heal our earth, each day 1 of the 7 Archangels impart their special light towards the healing of earth throughout
the week 23-29 September.
Sunday 28 Oct Heartlight Healing 7.15pm
Sunday 25 Nov Heartlight Healing 7.15pm
Sunday 23 Dec Christmas Heartlight Healing 7.15pm

We welcome all who wish to join in on finding a sense of peace within to send this peace out into our world. We work with the principles of Theosophy and therefore offer our meditations as a very open and encompassing energy of all faiths and spiritual understandings.

Contact for any queries: Janice 3480107 or Shelley 3266960 or 021 549519