Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom

Organisation: Christ College of Trans-Himalayan Wisdom

Founded: 1998

Founded by: Seven Ray Foundation in co-operation with the University of the Seven Rays, E.S.C.E.F. and a world-wide meditating group.

Type of meditation: Occult meditation.

The type of meditation that we practice is practical. Rather than using meditation as an escape from “the illusion”, we use meditation to manifest Heaven on Earth. The practice of occult meditation is built upon the techniques taught by most meditation practices. The basics are mindfulness, focusing the mind, breath work and visualization skills. Results are achieved through clear visualizations empowered by intent.

Meditation centre in Christchurch: The Silent Space: a meditation temple at 403 Long Bay Rd, Akaroa. Open at all times.

Regular activities:
Public meditations on the evening prior to the New and Full Moons in the Francis Shurrock Rm. At the Arts Centre. 7:30 PM.
Public meditations at the Temple at the time of the Full Moon.
Regular meditation retreats at the Temple.

Upcoming Events:

For more information:
Phone Lawson at 355-1395 / email

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