The Art Of Living Foundation

Founded: 1982

Founder: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The Art Of living Foundation is an international non-profit educational, charitable and humanitarian foundation. We are dedicated to serving society by strengthening the individual. The Foundation offers techniques to eliminate stress, improve health, expand awareness and resolve conflict. Millions of people across 140 countries have experienced the joy of Art Of Living. Numerous international community service projects have benefited those living in poverty and isolation. Recognition of the work of Art Of Living Foundation has come from the highest levels of governmental, educational and scientific organisations.

The Art Of Living Course

This course is an introduction to the skills and knowledge of the ancient art of living - the art of getting back to your original enthusiasm, energy and joy. Shedding the layers of stress, learning about the connection between the body, mind , emotions and rhythms of breath. The course teaches the powerful and purifying technique "Sudarshan Kriya". A technique focused on the breath which rids your body of accumulated stress and toxins, releasing the hold of strong emotions and lethargy. You will feel rejuvenated and fresh. On completion of this course you will have your own home practice, effective for maintaining health and wellbeing. Weekly follow-ups are held in Christchurch as well as other main centers. Courses are run on a regular basis in Christchurch and other cities in NZ.


General Enquiries: 0508 ARTOFLIVING (0508 278 635)

Centres around Aotearoa


Regular activities: Art of Living workshops are held in various parts of Auckland almost every month. Yoga and Meditation sessions are also conducted in different part of Auckland.

For more information: Contact Rashmi Bhatia on 09-8352998 or email

Free phone : 0508 ART OF LIVING (0508 278 635)


Regular activities: Full Moon Meditations for the Public. A beautiful guided meditation to calm the mind, energise the body and expand awareness. Gold coin. Held every month.

For more information: Contact Jill Baxter on 383 1843 or 021 2629446 or Peter Mittermuller on (03) 960 0883 or 021 1317452

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