Organisation: Ananda Marga (The Path of Bliss)

Founded: 1955

Founder: Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii (1921-1990)

Type of meditation: Mantra meditation

Brief Description: Ananda Marga is a socio-spiritual organisation which originated in India, and has expanded into a global organization. The Ananda Marga motto, “ÁtmamokÅ›ártham’ Jagaddhitáya Ca” means “liberation of the self and service for the welfare of all creation.” The activities of Ananda Marga encompass a wide range of projects for the welfare of humanity as well as all other living beings, the environment, and the planet as a whole. These projects include yoga and meditation centres, schools, orphanages, food distribution centres, disaster relief programs, medical centres and community development projects.

Ananda Marga gives a practical, rational and systematic way of life for the balanced development of all human potentialities : physical, psychic and spiritual. These practices range from hygiene and diet, to yoga postures, to a scientific technique of meditation. This meditation technique utilises mantra. The ancient yogis knew the effects of each and every sound. A mantra is a series of sounds chosen for their power to awaken the sleeping divinity within. Initially you will be taught a universal mantra, a “one size fits all” of mantras. When you feel ready, a trained teacher will give you your personal mantra, according to your mental vibration, along with a special process of withdrawing your mind. The six lessons of Ananda Marga meditation work to purify and develop all layers of the mind. All lessons are taught free of charge.

Centres around Aotearoa


Centre in Auckland is located at 51 Sussex St, Grey Lynn. We offer accommodation to vegetarian brothers.

Regular activities:
Weekly collective meditation on Sunday evenings.
Regular meditation retreats.

For more information: Please call 9408011

Nelson/ Tasman

Regular activities:
Weekly collective meditation.
Regular meditation retreats.

For more information:
Phone Madhu on 03 9862288 or email


Regular activities:
Presently we hold meditation classes at Clubs & Societies 84 Albany St, Dunedin on Mondays at 6pm during semester. Donation only, Everyone welcome.

For more information:
Phone Jiivan on 03 456 1299 or e-mail Jiivan or Didi

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