Organisation: Adidam (The Way Of The Heart)

Founded/Initiated: 1970

Initiator & Source: Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Type of Meditation: Feeling Contemplation of The Form, Presence and State of The God-Realised True Spiritual Master, Adi Da Samraj – Based on the principle that you become what you meditate on, or surrender your feeling attention to.

Brief Description: Meditation in Adidam is not a technique, but a means of participating in a present-time living relationship with the Divine through feeling contemplation of the Form, Presence and State of Avatar Adi Da Samraj. It is one form of activity in a whole culture of practice dedicated to realising the liberated love-blissful condition of God-Realisation. In Adidam Divine Communion is established from the beginning of practice, through recognition response to Avatar Adi Da—as a Free Gift. All disciplines and practices are then entered into as expressions of that prior happiness, and as means for magnifying the love-blissful devotional relationship that He Awakens. The first form of meditation in Adidam is study of the Spiritually Empowered Word of the Spiritual Master. By a course of serious study and adaptation, the recognition response to Avatar Adi Da grows in tandem with self-understanding of the self-knot or ego. The technicalities of meditation practice are always secondary to (or supportive of) the heart opening relationship to the real teacher and transmitter of God or the Divine Presence, recognised in Avatar Adi Da.

Meditation Centre: 12 Seibel Road, Henderson Valley, Auckland. Phone 09-838 9114

Activities available: Regular study courses, Retreats (including chanting, yoga etc), Books for sale.

For more Information:

Christchurch: Phone Neave at 329 9970 or Kelvyn at 981 7858

Related books at Christchurch City Libraries:(by Da Free John) The Knee of Listening, The Heart’s Shout, The Dawn Horse Testament, The Incarnation Of Love, Aham Da Asmi, Da Love-Ananda Gita, Ruchira Avitara Gita, Hridaya Rosary, Eleutherios. (299.93 DA) (by Samraj, Ruchira Avatar Adi Da) – Sound recordings: The God Who Truly Is; Love Is How I Got To Here. Klik-Klak: The Pattern Patterning; Persist In The In-Depth Process. (291.44 SAM)